Crazy but also funny Mozart Products…

Here I wan to show some crazy but also funny Mozart products:

Wofgang Amadeus Mozart T-Shirt Wofgang Amadeus Mozart T-Shirt
Wofgang Amadeus Mozart T-Shirts found on AliExpress
Mozart Statuette
Finely detailed white porcelain figurine
Available at SheetMusicPlus
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Music Manuscript PosterMozart Music Manuscript
Piano Concerto in A Major K. 488 Allegro. Poster size: 23-3/8″ x 33″
Available at SheetMusicPlus


Mozart Puzzle Online
Mozart Jigsaw Puzzle
If you like jigsaw puzzles, you can play the Mozart Puzzle online
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart SVG Vector GraphicWolfgang Amadeus Mozart SVG Vector Graphic
Mozart SVG Vector GraphicMozart SVG Vector Graphic SVG Files are Vector Graphic Files.
The advantages of SVG files are: They are small size, have a maximum of quality, have vector editing capabilities and they are infinitely resizable without loss of quality.
If you click on the SVG images, they will open in a new window (new tab). You can resize the window to see that the quality of the image does not change.
Both Mozart SVG Files are from and are released under Creative Commons CC0 license

Mozart Business SVG Vector Graphic
This Mozart.Business SVG File was created by us as a transparent line drawing (220kB)

Mozart Small SVG Vector Graphic
This Mozart.Business SVG File was also created by us, this SVG has only 35kB

Mozart SVG Vector Graphic
This Mozart.Business SVG File was also created by us – just for fun…

Mozart Radio Online

Mozart with HeadphoneRelax to the wonderful works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart channel on RadioTunes –

Mozart channel on ClassicalRadio –

Both Websites above ask you to register for free, after you listened more than 30 minutes.

“Mozart and nothing but Mozart”. All of Mozart’s works are available on, a carefully dosed program, which combines all genres (symphonies, concertos, serenades, religious music, opera…)  – Radio Mozart is freely available on the internet: (no registration required).

K-Mozart 88.1 HD2 – is the only commercial classical station in Southern California, and strives to be an integral part of the cultural arts and maintains a diverse programming schedule featuring world class symphonies, and operas. You can listen K-Mozart 88.1 online:

Klassik Radio Select is a streaming service with over 100 curated channels but as of now, only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For every category and mood with the best of classical music, opera, film music, jazz & lounge. Without registration, you have access to 10 channels and the main channel, these are interrupted by commercial breaks. The Mozart channel is one of the free channels: